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Infrastructure & Marine

Busck Prestressed Concrete consistently delivers on technically challenging commercial and infrastructure projects.

To be in this business successfully for as long as we have takes innovation and the flexibility to adapt to market requirements. Our proven capability to produce high quality products continues to influence and raise industry standards. If your project is a little different to the precast elements we present here, contact our extremely capable and experienced team, and together will work through the feasibility of your requirements to offer efficient solutions delivered on time.

Bridge Beams

Busck have a long history manufacturing prestressed bridge beams and have supplied projects throughout New Zealand from Invercargill to the Far North. A range of profiles are on offer from 6.5m to 26m; all designed for minimum 85% HN-HO-72 loading.

Type 2 Bridge Manual Double Hollowcore Beams

  • 1144mm Wide x 576mm or 650mm Deep
  • Typical beam Length 14m – 18m; up to 21m possible with design and loading restrictions

Busck Proprietary Box Beam

  • 636mm Wide x 900mm Deep
  • Beams up to 26m

Precast Bridge Decks and Barriers

Busck is able to manufacture a range of precast bridge decks and precast barriers to go with our bridge beams or as separate supply packages.

Download our Infrastructure brochure

Please contact Busck directly for large infrastructure projects requiring alternative profiles to those listed above.

Erosion Protection & Concrete Retaining Walls

Busck Prestressed Concrete is the sole licensed manufacturer and supplier of West Lock Concrete Solutions, an innovative three-pronged interlocking concrete block system designed to stop shoreline erosion on New Zealand’s coasts and riverbanks. Unlike rock walls, sandbanks and other temporary ocean erosion control measures, West Lock Concrete Solutions is a sustainable, lasting solution that is driving positive change in the way New Zealand preserves its coastline. Although designed specifically for ocean erosion protection, the applications of West Lock Concrete Solutions are limitless. West Lock Concrete Solutions’ interlocking concrete blocks have been used for a variety of civil engineering constructions including bridge approaches and concrete block retaining walls. To find out more about West Lock visit their website.


Marine concrete structures need to stand up to the toughest environmental conditions. Busck’s  erosion protection, concrete wharf and mooring blocks are all manufactured to suit the most challenging conditions.

Wharfs & Jetties

Busck Prestressed Concrete produces precast concrete products for wharfs, jetties and marinas including precast concrete piles, wharf structures, breakwaters, mooring blocks, pontoons and floats. See our work with Total Marine on various projects.

Kassel Kerb®

Busck Prestressed Concrete is the sole licensed manufacturer of the Kassel Kerb® range in New Zealand and Australia.

The design philosophy behind all Kassel Kerb® products is to improve the Public Transport experience by creating barrier free bus and tram travel for all passengers.

The special raised curb provides a smooth surface for bus and tram tyres that automatically guides them to a safe stop. The raised platform and controlled positioning of the vehicle significantly reduces the gap between a stop and a vehicle making it safer and easier for all passengers to board, including wheelchair and pram users, and passengers with limited mobility. The smooth surface provides self-steering effect, is easy on tyres and reduces long-term wear and tear, while the tactile passenger platform provides a clear boundary and helps visually impaired passengers to navigate their way safely.

Primarily the Type 1.16 kerb unit is in use in Auckland for Bus stops and stations. Please contact Busck regarding project specific curves, transitions and any other Kassel Kerb® profile you may require.

Learn more about this innovative product on the Kassel Kerb® parent company website.