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Busck Prestressed Concrete is proud to set precast concrete engineering standards across the construction industry.

We give precast construction a good name thanks to the quality of our products and our ability to deliver, getting major projects over the line time and time again.

Specialising in all aspects of precast construction, Busck can manufacture whatever you desire to meet your project’s design specifications, including precast concrete wall panels, stairs, stair treads, beams, columns, and landscaping features; not to mention special surface finishes, shapes and textures.

Did you know? Off-site manufactured precast concrete:

  • speeds up construction,
  • reduces contractors people and resources,
  • provides superior quality and finish to on-site,
  • reduces on-site waste.

We recommend engaging with our team early on. When your project’s key suppliers, such as precast concrete manufacturers, are involved in the design development process from the outset, their influence and expertise can result in significant overall cost savings. If your project is in the concept stage we can provide you with basic cost advice for budgeting purposes and can also provide guidance on the most efficient design of your precast elements.

If you already have drawings underway for your projects, we are also happy to provide you with a free no obligation quotation or estimate.

Busck supplies precast concrete materials and construction products to the upper and central North Island from our branches in Whangarei and surrounding areas, and to the South Island from our factory in Ashburton.

Please contact our friendly team with your project details and any questions. We are always willing to walk you through options to ensure you achieve the best and most economical solution.

Prestressed Concrete Flooring

Precast and prestressed flooring offers an efficient and cost-effective flooring system that is fast and easy to install. Perfect for buildings with wide floor spans and needing to support heavy loads, prestressed flooring provides strength and durability.

Double Tees

Busck’s Double Tee concrete floor system incorporates a prestressed concrete tee element with an in-situ concrete topping. This creates a cost effective suspended floor with large structural spans minimising the need for additional columns and beams, making them perfect for supermarkets and car-parks. Busck’s Double tees come in 50mm depth increments from 200mm to 650mm deep, and are typically 3m wide. The large unit and width span reduces crane time and results in faster construction.

Unispan / Flat Slabs

Busck’s Unispan flooring system combines precast concrete solid slabs with an in-situ concrete topping slab to give a cost effective, thin, composite suspended floor and can be used for cantilever balconies as permanent formwork.

Unispan floor slabs are typically 75mm thick but they can increase as structurally required and are manufactured to a standard width of 1225mm and 2400mm. It is also available in varying standard depths in 25mm increments from 75mm to 300mm to provide the thinnest floor system.

Uniplanx / Rib & Infill

Busck’s Uniplanx flooring system is made up of prestressed concrete ribs, timber infill, and an in-situ concrete topping resulting in a lightweight, versatile suspended floor. An economical alternative to timber floors, this system reduces sound transmission and helps meet fire safety requirements.

Busck Uniplanx Flooring can be customised to suit irregular shapes and angles, making them ideal for complicated geometrical areas. Spacing can be adjusted to trim openings, support higher loads and accommodate services.

The space between ribs creates a convenient zone for attaching mechanical services.

Busck’s Ribs typically are placed at a 900mm spacing and come in 25mm depth increments from 125mm to 250mm deep. Busck also offers a custom 350mm non-adjustable super rib, suitable for dangerous goods stores.

Precast Concrete Panels

Precast concrete wall panels are a fantastic and cost-effective product that reduce construction time and provide an excellent finish. We custom-make all of our precast panels to suit the specific shapes, sizes and details of each individual project. Precast concrete panels are suitable for structural retaining walls and cladding.

We can also assist with a certified Propping Plan and Prop Hire for more information visit www.stayprop.co.nz.

Precast Concrete Stairs

Our precast concrete stair moulds can be adjusted to fit almost any stair geometry and can be adapted to produce a wide range of sizes, finishes and colours that will suit almost any architectural design.

We also manufacture individual precast stair tread riser units that can be fixed onto structural steel. These provide a much more lightweight form of construction. Treads can be supplied with a troweled, grit-blasted (light, medium or heavy), or grind and seal finish.

Concrete Beams & Columns

Busck offers precast and prestressed concrete beams customised to your project. Precast concrete columns and beams lock together to provide strong structural support, to span openings and support flooring with compounding loads in multi-storey buildings. Precast concrete columns and beams can be quickly manufactured and delivered to site.


Busck precast concrete balconies provide a top of the line finish for high rise commercial construction. A precast balcony can easily cantilever and can incorporate drip grooves, sloped surfaces and other architectural features.