Busck Ashburton

Busck Ashburton has grown to the extent that it is now not only the largest precasting operation in the South Island, but has also set performance and quality standards that have influence across the entire industry. Busck Ashburton work ranges from small, niche architectural housing to large, technically-challenging commercial projects.

Busck Ashburton is renowned for its thorough attention to detail and sound processes which ensure an exceptionally high level of accuracy and staff familiarity with the project. Always South Island leaders in their field, Busck Ashburton management expertise and skilled operators have continually accepted challenges, building an impressive fount of knowledge and experience, and a reputation to match.

Busck Ashburton, formerly Bradford Precast changed ownership on 1 April 2018. It is now owned by Busck Prestressed Concrete Ltd who are one of the largest Precast Prestessed concrete manufacturers in New Zealand.